MP admits facilities for coach passengers in Northampton are ‘not as good as they could be’

David Mackintosh MP feature  at Parliament, London. NNL-151109-092743009

David Mackintosh MP feature at Parliament, London. NNL-151109-092743009

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The facilities for coach passengers in Northampton as a result of the closure of Greyfriars Bus Station “are not as good as they could be”, MP for Northampton South David Mackintosh has told BBC Northampton.

Speaking on the Helen Blaby show today, Mr Mackintosh, who was the leader of Northampton Borough Council when the bus station was demolished and replaced by Northgate bus station.

When asked about the bus station, Mr Mackintosh said: “One of the frustrations of being leader for only four years is that you cannot always see things through.

“One of the things that was levelled at me that was legitimate are the facilities available for coach travel and that is slightly disjointed in relation to the bus station.

“There is a plan coming forward for how that is changed, so it is a frustration to do one term on office and not be able to see it through.

“I take on board the comments that parts of the bus [arrangements] aren’t as good as they could be. A lot of people are happy with the facilities in North Gate and a lot of the issues are around the Drapery. It was always going to be difficult replacing Greyfriars because of its size.

“I have been meeting with the new leader, Councillor Mary Markham about Greyfriars and taking it forward with development.

“I would like to see further improvements in the town centre. From my discussions with retailers, there are not big enough shops to attract the shops we want.

“We want investment that it brings, but we don’t have the size of shops to bring new retailers in. This gives us the opportunity to do that with the Greyfriars site.”

When asked whether he has any regrets during his time as leader, Mr Mackintosh said: “You need time to see things through and in four years you can only do so much but when I look back at the enterprise zone and the university relocation that is continuing. All these things are exciting for the rebirth of Northampton.”