Motorcycle stunt man claims new world record

A motorcycle stunt rider from Northamptonshire is claiming to have broken the world record for a flat landing jump.

"Flyin' Ryan" Griffiths, aged 37, and from Oundle, managed to jump 142ft off a ramp in front of a large crowd during the beer festival at Delapre Abbey on Saturday.

Although a rival rider, Eddie Kidd, is believed to have jumped 160ft, this was never officially verified so the stuntman claims his jump is the longest ever to be recorded

Mr Griffiths said: "You could say that we might even have set a record because the only 100 per cent recorded flat landing jump was 134ft by Matt Coulter on a quad bike. I really would love to hit the 150ft mark.

"Last time I attempted the jump, at Peterborough, I broke both ankles and busted my jaw, so that is always in the back of my head when I approach the ramp. I do not want people to see me smash myself up, so I have to bear safety in mind."

The stuntman said he had problems setting up the ramp which may have prevented him from jumping even further.

He said: "We had trouble with the ramp all morning. It needs to be structurally sound so that it doesn't buckle but I have probably made it too sturdy. I have loved being here though and you could not ask for a better setting."

Graham Walker, chairman of Friends of Delapre Abbey, said: "The whole event has been great.

"The good thing is there is something for all the family as it is not just a beer festival."