MoD report reveals UFO sightings over Northamptonshire

The MoD has issued a report detailing all the dates and locations of UFO sightings from 1997 - including a sighting one in Northamptonshire last year.

The sightings included a circular ship with a set of white round lights over Rothwell on December 1 last year and on Christmas Day a brilliant yellow light without sound over the skies of Kettering.

There were also other sightings in the sky over Rothwell and Kettering all that month, while in March 2007 lights were seen moving erratically over Cold Ashby.

To read the MoD report, click here

Two years earlier, on February 2, at 5.50pm, a V-shaped object with bright lights which sounded like bees was seen over the skies of Wellingborough.

Also in 2005, on April 22, a UF0 was seen at high altitude over Wellingborough and further sightings were recorded in Wellingborough in June 2004 - with one being spotted over the town's Methodist Church.

Another sighting was recorded in Rushden in that month and in July that year a Corby resident reported an incident.