VIDEO: sleep deprived residents celebrate after rumble strips are removed from Northampton street

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Jubilant residents living on a Northampton road once dubbed ‘insomnia road’ say they have slept properly for the first time in years - after noisy rumble strips were removed.

Gladstone Road residents won their battle to have the speed reducing measures taken out after the county council discovered they were having no effect in slowing drivers down.

The work was carried out at the beginning of the month at no extra cost to the taxpayer, with the noisy rumble strips replaced with a smooth asphalt material.

And this week pensioner Christine Copus, 68, has been feeling the benefits.

She said: “The peacefulness is unbelievable, I feel like I’ve been on holiday.”

Her husband Joe, a former council surveyor, said the rumble strips, installed in 2011 at a cost of £200,000 had blighted his retirement years.

But this week he said: “It feels like they moved the road away. I was ill before because of the lack of sleep - now I’m oversleeping. I’m happier and healthier.”

Councillor Gareth Eales (Lab, Spencer) campaigned to get rid of the traffic calming measures for three years , reforming the Spencer Dallington Residents Association (SDRA) in the process.

He was pleased to see the fruits of his labour, which involved gathering a petition this week.

He said: “It just proves that if people stick together you can get things done.”

When the rumble strips were installed the county council also reduced the speed limit at that part of the road to 20mph.

But recent speed tests conducted proved residents’ suspicions that the strips were having no effect.

Mr Copus, who considered moving house because of the noise many had described as sounding like ‘an aeroplane taking off’ said: “We felt it actually made people speed up for some reason.”




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