VIDEO: Road safety campaigner films “near miss” on Northamptonshire roundabout

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A road safety campaigner says a “design blunder” on a new roundabout on the A45 in Northamptonshire has increased the risk of vehicles colliding.

Matt Stockdale, chairman of, filmed a “near miss” on the A45/A509 Wilby Way roundabout, south of Wellingborough, on his in-car dash camera, which shows his vehicle having to brake sharply to avoid colliding with a lorry.

Mr Stockdale said: “I must be honest, when I observed another motorist avoid a very close scrape a few weeks back, I naturally assumed it was due to driver error, however having come off the roundabout with a HGV to my left, I was staggered to find I had simply run out of road, I literally had nowhere to go. There are no signs that the lane is ending. It just ends.

“I had two choices, quickly accelerate and hope I could squeeze through in time, or brake hard. I chose the latter, my tyres screeching as I did so. I’m fortunate that the driver of the HGV was observant enough to take action too and was able to pull across the carriageway to provide us both room. I clenched my teeth and prepared for the impact, it was frightening”.

Mr Stockdale said he had reported the incident to the Highways Agency, the organisation responsible for the design of the roundabout, and an investigation is being carried out.

A Highways Agency spokesperson, said: “The pinch point scheme at the A45 Wilby Way roundabout aims to reduce congestion and improve safety at this busy junction while supporting jobs and growth in the region.

“Safety is a top priority for the Highways Agency and we will respond accordingly once our investigation is complete.”




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