Unwanted cat dumped in bin outside Northampton bar

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An unwanted cat was saved by a bar tender after its callous owner forced the feline inside a plastic bag, dumped it in an industrial sized wheelie bin and left it for dead.

The female cat was saved by a bar worker at Bar Revolution, in Bridge Street, Northampton, last week.

The woman heard a strange noise while she was in the area behind the popular bar. When she went to see where it was coming from she found the cat cowering at the bottom of the bin.

The young female cat is now in the care of the Northampton Cats Protection group, where she is waiting to be re-homed. Diana Johnson, from Northampton Cats Protection, described the shocking incident as an act of “intolerable cruelty”.

She said: “She is a friendly beautiful semi-longhaired tortie and white girl, aged around 18 months. It makes no sense at all.

“It is unbelievable why people take on pets and then suddenly, when the novelty has passed, they no longer want the responsibility.”

Cat homes in Northampton are “full to bursting” and unable to keep pace with the number of animals being dumped, it has ben claimed.

Diana Johnson said: “We are full to bursting and try to help as many cats as possible with the aid of excellent field-workers, fosterers, finders for new homes and so on, but we cannot keep pace.”

To contact the branch, call 0844 700 3251 or visit www.northampton.cats.org.uk/northampton




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