Soldiers from Northamptonshire parade before Afghanisan tour

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Soldiers from Northamptonshire about to leave for Afghanistan have paraded to mark their regiment’s most famous day.

The second Battalion The Royal Anglian took part in the parade at Kendrew Barracks in Rutland on Friday to mark the Battle of Talavera in Spain.

Among them were C Company, the Northamptonshire company, featuring troops from places such as Northampton, Corby, Kettering and Thrapston who will leave in two week’s time.

The battle of Talavera was fought on July 27 and 28, by the 48th of Foot which became the Northamptonshire Regiment and later the Royal Anglians.

Today was the first opportunity the battalion has had to hold the parade due to intensive pre-deployment training.

The battalion has completed several tours of Iraq and deployed a company to Kabul, Afghanistan in 2003.

During this forthcoming tour they will be based in Helmand Province carrying out a variety of different roles.

C Company is the Brigade Operations Company. They are a highly trained unit capable of carrying out a number of different roles dependent on what is required.

Lieutenant Colonel Nigel Johnson, 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment commanding officer, said: “The quietly professional Poacher soldier has much to offer. Their role will prove essential in interacting with the security force personnel.

“Everybody is keen to go and start the mission. We are confident and well prepared due to the training we have had and I am very confident in the ability of the soldiers under my command.”




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