Most get first choice university places at Caroline Chisholm School as many opt for employment

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Almost all of the largest ever sixth form at Caroline Chisholm School in Northampton got their first choice university place following today’s A-Level results.

Principal of the Wooton-based school Tony Downing, also said everyone that wants to go into further education will get a place today.

But for many the prospect of £9,000-a-year tuition fees have persuaded them to go straight into employment, rather than opt for a university place.

Mr Downing said: “Students are giving careful thought to the financial implications of going to university and for some young people a route straight into employment is proving a more attractive option.

“Connexions are here with us today and are helping us to give advice about employment opportunities and apprenticeships in Northamptonshire; a number of students taking this route have already secured full-time jobs.”

Nationally the proportion of students passing their A-levels has dropped for the first time in three decades,with many citing the clampdown on exam resits as the cause.

Figures out today show the number of pupils receiving an A-grade has fallen from 26.3 per cent to 26 per cent.

The overall number of A-levels with a pass grade has declined for the first time in 32 years, though a record number of papers were graded with the top A* mark.

For many of the Caroline Chisholm pupils, today marked the end of an anxious summer waiting to find out their grades.

Polly Barr, 18, of Yardley got an A* in politics as well as an A in English literature and a B in history. She now plans to read politics and international relations at the University of Manchester - and one day hopes to enter the political arena , either as a journalist or as an advisor.

She said: “My I would love to be some sport of correspondent, maybe working in Gaza or something.

“My family is in law so politics is always a topic of conversation - and I like arguing with people.”

Bethan Goddard, 18, of Wooton Fields, got an A* in maths and an A in further maths as well as an A* in English literature and a B in Spanish. But her achievement was made all the more remarkable as the talented runner also had to keep up regular training at Rugby and Northampton Athletics Club and weekly practises in the county brass band.

“I’ve no idea how I squeezed it all in,” the tenor horn player said.

“I revised all the time. It would be four hours a day when I had school and eight hours a day when I was on holiday.”

She will now go on to study law at Bristol University.




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