More than 35 give up time for homeless over Christmas

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More than 35 volunteers have given up their time over the Christmas period, including Christmas Day, in a project to find out about homeless people in Northampton.

The outreach project has been using members of town churches to visit known homeless people and, as well as doing welfare checks and handing out hot food, finding out why existing homeless organisations have not been able to help them.

The project, which runs until January 5, is being led by ex-soldier, Chris Mounteney, who already helps ex-servicemen living on the streets through the UK Homes 4 Heroes charity.

He said: “The response I have had to allow this project togo ahead has been amazing.

“We received quilts, food and lots of volunteers who will be manning the van out on the street for three weeks in total.

“We will be out every night identifying and supporting any homeless person with hot food and passing out the Christmas spirit and showing that people do care.”

Once the homeless person’s issues are known, their details can be passed to Oasis House and other gateway teams in Northampton.

Additionally, a drop-in centre manned by church volunteers will take the homeless people in for the night, providing a safe place to sleep and warm food.

Mr Mounteney said: “They are taking much-needed help to people who have nothing but their pride.”

Anyone able to donate sleeping bags or food can call 07715274821.




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