Hundreds gather to pay final respects to Jamie McMahon

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Several hundred mourners gathered today to pay their final respects to Jamie McMahon, described as “a caring young man who would do anything for anybody.”

A huge crowd attended The Counties Crematorium to celebrate the life of Jamie, aged 26, lining the route to the chapel as his coffin arrived.

Jamie, of Abbey Road, Far Cotton, died after being attacked in St Giles Churchyard, in Northampton, on October 2, following a night out in the town.

During the funeral service, mourners heard tales of his love of music, camper vans, snooker and crazy shorts. They also heard tributes which described him as loveable, caring, funny and popular.

His love of camper vans was reflected in the funeral cortege, with two vintage Volkswagen Campers following behind the hearse. The first carried his coffin, which was covered in messages from his friends.

Mourners entered the chapel to the song Short Change Hero, by The Heavy, and the crowd was so big that many stood outside, and in adjoining rooms, to listen to the service on loudspeakers.

Reverend Steve Kelly, from St Giles Church, paid tribute to Jamie.

He said: “People have described Jamie as a caring young man who would do anything for anybody.

“His death has also affected many, many people right around the borough of Northampton.

“He was a clown and a joker, famous for his one-liners, and has been described as one of the most loveable people you could meet.

“I hope you can hold on to his smile and his crazy sense of humour and be grateful that you knew him.”

Rev Kelly also offered prayers for the family, including a prayer “against the violence and evil that causes the destruction of human lives”.

Tributes to Jamie were also read out during the service.

One said: “You were such a gent, always making people smile. Your loss has affected so many people. You don’t realise how precious life is until something like this happens.”

Another said: “You will be missed by all who loved you. You are in a far kinder place.”

Mourners left the chapel to the song If I Ever Leave This World Alive, by Flogging Molly, to see swathes of floral tributes, including those shaped as a camper van and a giant pint of beer.

Before the mourners left, a final tribute was read out, from the lyrics to The Brighter Side, by OPM, a song which was also played during the service.

It said: “I wish the world wouldn’t be so cold, as to take such a beautiful soul. But despite it all, I know we have got to carry on.”




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