Exclusive: Video footage of Northampton Clown emerging from lake

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New video footage of the Northampton Clown emerging from Abington Park lake has been recorded by the Chronicle & Echo.

Following an appearance in Elm Street yesterday, the location of the next appearance of the Northampton Clown had been eagerly anticipated.

Northampton Clown at Abington Park Lake.

Northampton Clown at Abington Park Lake.

The new pictures and footage obtained by the Chronicle & Echo show the clown emerging from a lake in Abington Park.

The timing of the pictures appears to have coincided with the arrival on stage of Madness, who were playing a gig at Northamptonshire County Cricket Ground, just a few hundred yards away from the park.

In the footage the clown can be seen in the water, surrounded by balloons, slowly waving at the camera.

It is the first video footage that has been obtained of the Northampton Clown, whose identity still remains a mystery.

Northampton Clown at Abington Park lake

Northampton Clown at Abington Park lake

The Northampton Clown, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Chronicle & Echo that he was planning to continue making appearances in the town.

In an exclusive interview with the Chronicle & Echo last week the clown said he wanted people to see it as a bit of “harmless fun”.

The Northampton Clown now has more than 160,000 likes on his Spot Northampton’s Clown Facebook page and the story has been featured on CNN, BBC World Service, national TV and radio stations in Canada, Australia, Ireland and Germany.

The Northampton Clown said he had received more than 1,000 death threats sent to the message inbox of his Facebook page.

Northampton Clown at Abington Park Lake.

Northampton Clown at Abington Park Lake.

The clown said he had received numerous media and poromotional offers, including an offer to appear on ITV’s This Morning, but he has so far not chosen to accept these requests.

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