Drivers in Northampton warned of long delays as roadworks planned for town’s two busiest roundabouts

Motorists in Northampton are being warned of long delays due to a number of roadwork schemes in Northampton in September 2014

Motorists in Northampton are being warned of long delays due to a number of roadwork schemes in Northampton in September 2014

Motorists in Northampton are being warned to expect a “great deal of disruption” on the roads in the town this autumn due to a number of planned roadworks schemes.

Northamptonshire County Council has this morning announced a series of roadworks schemes, costing more than £12 million, which it says will support economic growth and enhance the town centre.

The major works will be carried out on the Towcester Road/Gas Street roundabout and on the Round Spinney Roundabout with the A43.

Starting on September 15, the £6.8 million scheme on the Gas Street roundabout is expected to cause delays for motorists for a year while work is carried out to create better access to the Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone site and build extra lanes on the roundabout.

The £3.4 million scheme on the Round Spinney roundabout, which will extend the capacity and modernise traffic signals, is also planned to start in September 2014 and is expected to last until Spring 2015.

Further work includes a three-month project to install new traffic signals on the St Gregory’s roundabout on the A43 in Lumbertubs to improve traffic flow. These roadworks are due to finish in March 2015.

The county council is also planning roadworks in Guildhall Road to widen the pavements and narrow the carriageways, due to start on September 15. The work will be taking place seven days a week so that it will be completed by the end of November.

All the new roadworks announced today are in addition to the ongoing work at the Victoria Promenade/Bedford Road crossroads, which is due to finish on September 12.

The Highways Agency will also be starting roadworks on the Tove roundabout on the A43 at Towcester and renewal works to the central reservation barrier between junctions 16 and 19 of the M1 in September.

Councillor Michael Clarke, county council cabinet member for highways, transport and environment, said: “We’ve worked very hard to secure funding for the various highways projects we need to take place around the town to help unlock economic growth and to enhance the town centre.

“This is an exciting phase of development and over the next few months we will see a number of improvements take place across the town’s roads.

“However with all this work there will be a great deal of disruption and so we’re urging motorists to seek alternative routes as much as possible or even using alternative methods of travel where possible, such as walking or cycling if appropriate.”

David Farquhar, director of Northampton highways for the county council, said the infrastructure projects were a key element of the county’s growth targets.”

He said: “We have a lot of building and growth forecast up to 2026-2013 and this agenda simply cannot happen without these desperately needed infrastructure improvements to these key corridors in the town - the town network would crumble.

“This year, about £15 million has been spent on traffic infrastructure projects, which isn’t that high when compared to other recent projects around the county. They are high profile because of their impact, rather than their cost.”




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