Lift Tower is lit up to mark 30th anniversary

Lift Tower lit up to celebrate its 30th anniversary
Lift Tower lit up to celebrate its 30th anniversary
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Northampton’s lift tower was given a red, white and blue makeover last night to mark the 30th anniversary of the Queen officially opening the building.

LED lights cascaded up the tower, like a lift, from dusk until late into the evening celebrating this historic anniversary during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year.

Lift Tower lit up to celebrate its anniversary

Lift Tower lit up to celebrate its anniversary

Known locally as the ‘Northampton lighthouse’, the tower is 127 metres tall and is the only structure of its kind in the UK. The National Lift Tower was re-opened for business in October 2009 and is used by lift companies for research, development and testing. The tower is also well known as a venue for hosting charity abseils.

Councillor David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council said: “Last night one of our town’s most iconic buildings was illuminated for all to see. Often, jokingly, referred to as Northampton’s lighthouse, the lift tower was a beacon of light for miles around.

“In honour of Her Majesty opening the lift tower 30 years ago we saw the building lit up in red, white and blue. In a year we have seen the Union Flag flying so proudly across the country, it was fantastic to give everyone another patriotic lift as we move into winter.

“The response has been fantastic with people across Northampton commenting on social media, sharing photos and talking about how the event changed our skyline. So, I am pleased to say that as we enter the festive season people should look up again in a few weeks for a Christmas surprise.”

The lights were provided by local company Stage Right Productions Ltd. The project has been funded by Northampton Borough Council and is supported by Northamptonshire County Council and the National Lift Tower.