Labour group criticise Northampton Borough Council’s record on providing affordable housing

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The deputy leader of the opposition has criticised Northampton Borough Council for failing to hit its target for providing affordable housing in the town.

Latest figures show the council has missed its target for delivering affordable homes every quarter since June 2014,

Between March and June this year the council did not provide any affordable homes when the target was 50. In the three months before that, the council provided 79 when the target was 240.

Councillor Gareth Eales, deputy leader of the borough council Labour group, said: “The number of net additional homes provided and the number of affordable homes provided are worryingly below target. We have a housing crisis in Northampton and the completion of the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy was meant to alleviate the problem.

“The Joint Core Strategy states all developments over a certain size must have at least 35 per cent of affordable housing. What has gone wrong?

“Overall the net additional homes delivered are a long way from reaching its target. In fact, the data shows in each year since 2011 the targets for creating more additional homes has been missed. The Borough Council must try harder.”

In response, Councillor Mary Markham, leader of Northampton Borough Council, said new Government initiatives would help to boost the amount of affordable housing.

She said: “As well as recently committing to bringing forward 100 affordable homes at Dallington Grange, Northampton Borough Council continues to grant housing applications where appropriate and always seeks to negotiate the maximum amount of affordable housing with each developer. Central government has also recently announced a series of policy initiatives to boost housing which will assist in helping to improve the local housing market.”