Job loss fears at Northampton’s HMV after firm enters administration

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It has been announced that Northampton town centre’s HMV store is at a serious risk of closure and workers may lose their jobs.

The 92-year-old DVD and CD chain has appointed Deloitte as administrator and more than 4,000 staff at its 238 UK stores are awaiting updates.

Leader of Northampton Borough Council, Councillor David Mackintosh, said: “It is very worrying news for the people who are employed there but also for the town centre.

“HMV is a big store in the Grosvenor Centre and I am hoping that they can find someone to take over the store. I am worried about the potential consequences if it was to close.”

The news follows the downfall of Jessops, which has now closed in Northampton, and across the UK.

Councillor Mackintosh added: “It’s a really worrying relfection of the difficult financial situation taht the country is in and it has an affect on Northampton.”

Stephen Chown, chair of Northampton BID, said: “The BID has been working hard for the last two years and will continue to do so to make the town centre a more vibrant place to visit, but the fundamental

background to retailing in Northampton and elsewhere is use it or lose it.

“If we don’t shop there, then the shop will go. It’s as simple as that.”

He added: “For HMV ofcourse the competition is so intense from Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and more but it’s a question of differentiating their product.”

17-year-old Haydn Rees from Kingsthorpe said: “I used to shop in HMV when I was younger but I use the internet to buy and download music now. I won’t miss the store but there isn’t another shop like it in Northampton so it is a shame.”

Tom Arnold, aged 17, from Duston, said: “It’s a big shop and if it closes and is left empty it won’t be good for the town centre.”

Anne Andreoli, aged 45, from Great Billing, said: “I went in HMV at Christmas. I think it is being over-taken by supermarkets and the internet.

“HMV is good if people aren’t sure what they want to buy as they will check for you.”

James Confue, aged 24, from The Mounts said: “I did buy from there but only presents for other people. Anything for me was bought digitally. I will miss it as it killed some time on my lunch breaks. It also helped me to shop online.”

Following the news the Retail Trust charity has pledged its support to all staff affected by the company’s administration.

The Retail Trust Helpline provides free, confidential and independent advice and support for all staff affected by such developments.

Any retail staff wishing to contact the Helpline should call 0808 801 0808 or email or text HELPLINE to 88010.