EXCLUSIVE: Kingsthorpe man, 22, pleads guilty to manslaughter after 61-year-old dies following punch to the face in Northampton

Northampton Crown Court
Northampton Crown Court

A 22-year-old man from Northampton who inflicted fatal injuries on a 61-year-old after he punched him in the face, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Daniel Tero, aged 22, of Burleigh Road, Kingsthorpe, appeared at Northampton Crown Court yesterday and admitted the manslaughter of George Wedderburn.

Mr Wedderburn, of Byfield Road, St James, died on August 23 as a result of significant head injuries he suffered after he tried to act as a peacemaker in a fight between Tero and two other men in Northampton town centre on Sunday, August 17.

At a previous hearing, the court heard that Mr Wedderburn was punched once in the face at 3.55am in Abington Square, after trying to intervene in a fight between Tero and two other men.

Mr Wedderburn was in a critical condition at Northampton General Hospital for six days after he suffered a bleed on the brain.

He died in hospital on August 23.

His Honour Judge Timothy Smith said the only sentencing option in the case would be a prison term.

Judge Smith said: “This is a tragic case where you took the life of a defenceless man who was trying to assist and intervene in a fight you were engaged in.

“Inevitably a prison sentence is the only option available in this case. It only remains to define the length of that prison sentence.”

Judge Smith said he was adjourning the case to allow time for probation reports to be carried out so the sentencing judge had “all the knowledge needed” to make an appropriate sentence.

Tero will be sentenced at Northampton Crown Court later this month.

The day after the incident forensic officers were sent to Abington Square and a spokesperson for Steffans jewellers confirmed the business had handed over CCTV footage to police to help with their investigation.

Last week police released an image of another man who is also believed to have tried to act as a peacemaker.