Pupils write to Santa after theft of iPads

Pupils at a primary school in Northampton wrote to Santa Claus to ask for the return of 30 iPads after they were stolen by burglars.

The burglary at Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School in Northampton, which took place last Thursday, was the latest in a spate of thefts of iPads from primary schools in Northampton.

In the past three months, Abington Vale, Bridgewater, Parklands and Walgrave primary schools have all been broken into overnight and dozens of iPads have been stolen.

Jamie Nairn, headteacher of Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School, said the iPads were stolen from key stage one children who had been left very upset and had written to Santa Claus to ask him to replace them.

Pupil Leo Doyle wrote: “Dear Santa, Please can we have 30 iPads because a robber stole them. We really need it now because we do work on them and enjoy using them.”

Mark Currell, headteacher of Abington Vale Primary School, said: “We get a headteacher’s round robin email and it seems there are ipads stolen every week.

“The burglars seem to know exactly what they are doing and it seems to be a targeted operation to steal the iPads. A lot of other equipment was left untouched.”

A total of 26 iPads were stolen from Abington Vale Primary School on October 28; 14 iPads from Bridgewater Primary School on November 28; six iPads from Parklands Primary School on December 16; and 30 from Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School on December 19.

The headteacher of a Northampton primary school has said the spate of iPad thefts had led to school’s paying out more for extra security or making the decision to keep 
expensive equipment off-site overnight.

Mark Currell, headteacher of Abington Vale Primary, said all the iPads stolen from his school had been locked away securely and security marked, but thieves had still managed to break in and take them away.




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