Police to send Christmas cards to criminals in Northamptonshire

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Northamptonshire Police is sending Christmas cards to criminals in the county to let them know officers “have their eye on them.”

As part of a countywide week of action to reduce burglary, officers will be visiting known criminals, carrying out increased patrols in areas where burglaries are more likely to happen and finding new ways to share crime prevention advice with the public.

Chief Superintendent Paul Fell said: “Much of the activity is about sharing crime prevention advice and we’re also increasing patrols and paying a visit to some of the people we know are involved in crime.

“Our volunteer officers from the Special Constabulary were out and about over the weekend, looking out for suspicious activity and keeping an eye out for any homes left insecure. They were checking homes for unlocked doors and open windows and knocking on doors to let the householder know if they found one.

“We’re continuing to visit all properties in areas where a burglary has happened, providing reassurance and advice to help prevent further crimes. As well as finding out if neighbours saw or heard anything suspicious, it gives officers the chance talk to them about their own home security and remind them of basic security measures.

“Advice leaflets in the guise of a Christmas card will be delivered to homes in hotspot areas, asking people to make sure they lock up properly and take other simple steps to keep their homes and property safe.

“And offenders are not being left out either. Officers will be delivering Christmas cards to people known to commit crime, reminding them that police have their eye on them.”

Northamptonshire Police will also be sharing crime prevention advice on social media throughout the week and, on Friday, a crime prevention specialist will take over the force’s Facebook page for the day to answer questions and give advice about home security.




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