Police launch review of unsolved Northampton pet shop murder

Copy pic of Susan Blake's father Arthur Brumhill 
Rep Mel

Copy pic of Susan Blake's father Arthur Brumhill Rep Mel 060325KB2

Detectives have today revealed they have launched a review of a notorious unsolved murder in Northampton, dating back to 1993.

Police have conducted a “thorough review” of the evidence surrounding the murder of 76-year-old Arthur Brumhill, who was found dead in the basement of a pet shop in Wellingborough Road.

Tests found he had been battered to death with a metal object, possibly a tyre iron.

A high profile investigation followed, which was featured on BBC’s Crimewatch.

As with all unsolved murder investigations, the case has been subject to regular reviews throughout the last 20 years.

And with significant advances in forensic techniques since 1993, the East Midlands Special Operations Unit Review Team has recently conducted a thorough review of the case, which has led to the submission of a number of items for further examination.

Results of this new forensic analysis are awaited.

DI Louise Hemingway, of the East Midlands Special Operations Unit, said: “Unfortunately not every murder is immediately solvable, but our commitment to bringing the offender to justice remains as strong as it did 20 years ago. We never forget that behind every murder there is a family who continue to live with the trauma and pain such a death brings.

“Sadly, with Arthur’s case remaining unsolved, his family have not had the opportunities to find the closure that most other families have.

“Along with Arthur’s family, we are appealing for anyone with any information to come forward so this case can be solved.”

His daughter, Sue Blake, said: “Though my father was murdered 20 years ago, not a day goes by when I don’t think of him and of the brutal way his life was ended.

“If anybody has any information they have been withholding over the past two decades for whatever reason, please please come forward. It could be the missing piece of the jigsaw the police need, so that as a family we can at last have some closure.”




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