Police catch 18 drink-drivers in Northamptonshire in 10 days

editorial image

editorial image

A total of 18 people have been charged with drink-driving after the first 10 days of Northamptonshire Police’s annual drink-driving campaign.

Latest statistics reveal officers have stopped and breathalysed 309 drivers, arrested 25 and charged 18 since the campaign started on December 1.

Inspector Jen Helm said officers were aiming to raise awareness about the dangers of drink-driving and were handing out leaflets about the operation.

She said: “Driving when you are over the limit or on drugs affects your ability and can be fatal. Then there are other consequences which again, many may not realise. If you’re convicted of drink driving you could go to prison, lose your job, lose your licence and be unable to visit certain countries.

“This isn’t about stopping people having fun, it’s about making sure that no-one is missing a loved one as a result of drink or drug driving.”




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