Northampton woman who kept cats, lizards and a dog in “filthy” conditions banned from keeping animals for five years

Lulu was suffering from severe conjunctivitis and a skin condition

Lulu was suffering from severe conjunctivitis and a skin condition


A woman from Northampton has been banned from keeping animals for five years after she failed to provide adequate care for five cats, three kittens, two lizards and a dog.

Tabitha Fernandez, aged 36, of Harefield Road, Blackthorn, Northampton, was prosecuted by the RSPCA after concerns were expressed about the welfare of a number of animals in a property in Boughton Green Road.

Northampton Magistrates’’ Court heard an RSPCA inspector found the animals living in filthy conditions with urine, faeces and rubbish piled around the property.

Kevin McCole, prosecuting, said the RSPCA found an adult cat with three one-week-old kittens, who were all suffering from fleas.

Mr McCole said two bearded dragons were found to be cold, lethargic and underweight and did not appear to have any source of food or water. One was also missing part of its tail.

Another four cats were found at the property infested with fleas and a corn snake was in a healthy condition.

Mr McCole said the RSPCA inspector also found a cross-breed dog called Lulu, who was suffering from severe conjunctivitis, an ear infection, skin condition, ear infection and gum problems.

He said: “The environment was not suitable for hygiene of the animals and the care was inadequate.”

Fernandez was interviewed and she said she liked to have so many animals to keep her company. She said she was not aware of the flea infestation or her dog’s skin problems.

Fernanadez was found guilty in her absence of nine animal cruelty charges after a trial on March 10.

At magistrates court on Monday she was sentenced to a 12-month supervision order. She must pay costs of £250 and victim surcharge of £60.

All the animals have made a full recovery and been rehomed by the RSPCA.

Representing herself, Fernandez told the court she was intending to appeal her conviction.




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