Murderer Anxiang Du threatened to kill Ding family in 2001

The Ding family.

The Ding family.


Murderer Anxiang Du uttered a chilling threat to the Ding family 10 years before brutally killing them, it can now be revealed.

During a heated row, Du told Ge ‘Helen’ Chui that he would kill the family-of-four, during a row in 2001 that led to the 54-year-old killer being arrested.

He threatened Mrs Chui, as well as her children, warning: “The police will not be able to protect you.”

Du was arrested by the police following the incident at his shop in Coventry, on March 23, 2001, more than a decade before he “wiped out” the entire family at their home in Pioneer Close, Simpson Manor.

The jury in the 12-day trial at Northampton Crown Court was not told about the threat after the judge ruled the evidence was inadmissible for legal reasons.

However, the chilling threat can be revealed now the trial is over.

It comes after Du was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 40 years.

Passing sentence, the High Court Judge, Mr Justice Flaux, said Du had “killed an entire family in cold blood”, during a frenzied attack.

He said: “I’m quite satisfied that hatred and anger and your desire for revenge was what motivated you to act as you did on April 29, not the moderate depression you suffered.”

After murdering Jifeng ‘Jeff’ Ding and Mrs Chui, Du went upstairs, where he killed the pair’s daughters, Xing, aged 18, and 12-year-old Alice.

The judge described Xing’s 999 call, which was played during the trial, as “haunting” and said Alice had no way to defend herself.

He said: “Not content with the slaughter of the parents, you then went upstairs to the back bedroom where the two young Ding girls were cowering.

“It is clear from their terrible haunting screams on the 999 call that it was during that call that you murdered them.

“Alice, who was only 12, was on her bed, curled up, no doubt in a futile attempt to get away from you. There was no struggle.”


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