Jamie McMahon trial day four: ‘Killer held knife to my throat to keep quiet’ says accused

Jamie McMahon NNL-140627-132715001

Jamie McMahon NNL-140627-132715001


A suspect accused of killing Jamie McMahon in St Giles Churchyard last year said he did witness the horrific 
attack, but denied taking part and claimed he had feared for his life if he told police.

Micheal Francis, aged 33, of St James Road, Northampton, was charged with murder on October 17, 2013, following two days of questioning by police.

This week a Northampton Crown Court jury heard a transcript of that interview between the defendant and Dc Hayley Reid as part of a trial into Mr McMahon’s death, which is expected to end next week.

Mark Lewis, aged 19, of Clickers Drive, Upton, Northampton, has already admitted killing the 26-year-old snooker club worker in the early hours of October 2 last year.

Francis has denied murder and robbery, claiming Lewis was the sole aggressor.

In the interview, Francis said he and Lewis, who he was living with in Upton at the time, had gone into town to “bum” a cigarette off someone on that night.

But he claimed only Lewis approached and attacked Mr McMahon in St Giles Street, delivering fatal blows by ‘stamping’ on the 26-year-old’s head.

Francis told Dc Reid: “Call me a few things, but I’m not a murderer. The last thing I wanted to be involved in was a murder.”

Francis claimed he tried to stop Lewis, but he slipped when running towards the pair, a claim, he told police, that could be proven by grass stains on the light jeans he was wearing.

Francis admitted picking up Mr McMahon’s wallet after the attack, but said he was not aware the man was dead.

He claimed he “wasn’t thinking straight” and did not inform police of what he had seen because he was ‘frightened’ of Lewis. Days after the incident, he said Lewis had “threatened to take (his) head off” by holding a sword to his neck, if he reported the crime.

Both men disposed of the clothing they wore that night in a ditch off Edgar Mobbs Way, which was later recovered.

The trial continues.


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