Injured swan given police escort by Northamptonshire officers

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editorial image


An injured swan was given a police escort as it waddled up and down roads in Northampton, it has been confirmed.

Officers were asked to follow the poorly bird as it walked through main roads in Little Billing yesterday.

One Chronicle & Echo reader photographed the swan, closely followed by a police car, in Orchard Hill shortly before midday.

A Northamptonshire Police spokesman has confirmed that officers were asked to look after the stricken bird because it had an injured wing and could not fly.

Police initially contacted the RSPCA but then had to wait as the swan waddled up the middle of the road while officers from Animals in Need, in Wellingborough, travelled to Little Billing to pick up the bird.

Experts have said wet weather across the county has attracted a number of swans and aquatic birds to large puddles of water on, or close, to busy roads.




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