Ex-soldier from Northampton who caused daughter’s death is jailed for six years

Liam Culverhouse arrives at Northampton Crown Court.

Liam Culverhouse arrives at Northampton Crown Court.


An injured former soldier from Northampton, who was today jailed for six years for causing his daughter’s death, had earlier warned doctors he was not safe to be around his child.

Liam Culverhouse, aged 25, admitted causing the catalogue of injuries to his baby daughter which left her fighting for her life for 18 months before she died on November 7, 2012.

He was jailed for six years today at Northampton Crown Court. Culverhouse is likely to serve half the sentence behind bars.

The court heard how Culverhouse, of Eastern Avenue North, Kingsthorpe, lost his right eye and had to play dead to survive a mass shooting at an Afghan National Police checkpoint while serving in Helmand province in November 2009.

He was shot six times and suffered severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

Northampton Crown Court today heard how, before his return to Northampton, he told doctors he didn’t feel safe looking after his children.

He had a terrible temper after his return, the prosecutor Sally Howes QC.

His baby, Khloe, was seven weeks old when her parents rushed her to Northampton General Hospital as she was pale and had difficulty breathing.

On examination she was found to have fractures of her skull, spine, ribs and all limbs.

Doctors at John Radcliffe Hospital, in Oxford, said her injuries were the result of Khloe being injured on at least four occasions and were likely to have been caused by severe shaking.

The court heard it was likely she had been slammed into something.

Khloe died of pneumonia 18 months later, but doctors said it was linked to the original injuries.

A character reference, from Michael Britton, of Goodwill Solutions, heard how Culverhouse had worked in a warehouse and was described as an “excellent employee”.

Mitigating, David Howell QC said Culverhouse is a likeable man who is horrified by what he’s done.

At a hearing last year, Khloe’s mother, Clare Abrams, of Lloyd Road, Abington, pleaded not guilty to the same charge as Culverhouse and had the case against her thrown out by His Honour Mr Justice Jeremy Baker.

Sentencing him this afternoon, Mr Justice Baker said Khloe died from injuried caused by hitting her head against a flat surface, twisting limbs and violent shaking.

He said the usual sentence would have been ten years in prison, but added that nobody could fail to have sympathy for the effects of what happened to Culverhouse.

He said: “You inflicted such severe injuries to your seven-week-old child that, despite intensive and extensive medical care, they resulted in her death some 18 months later.

“No-one who has understood what happened to you while serving as a member of the British Army in Afghanistan can have anything but profound sympathy for the effect which it had on you.

“It is clear the trauma of that, and of witnessing the death of a number of your fellow soldiers, has caused you to suffer from significant psychological damage, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

“I have no doubt the effects of this condition contributed to your treatment of your young daughter. However, you acknowledged to the police and others that prior to your experiences in Afghanistan, you always had a temper whcih had manifested itself in other circumstances.”


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