Couple receive 13-year-old council tax bill - for 2p!

An elderly Northamptonshire couple were shocked to receive a 13-year-old council tax bill - for 2p.

Peggy and William Everson, from Kettering, got the bill correcting the amount they had owed for the tax year of 1994/95.

The couple, who had moved from nearby Wellingborough 13 years ago, apparently still owed Wellingborough Council 2p.

Mrs Everson, 73, said the bill was sent to her daughter's address on Friday because that was a forwarding address they had originally given when they moved.

She said: "My daughter said a letter had come from the council so I told her to open it.

"She told me I owed them a lot of money, then laughed and said it was a bill for 2p.

"It's something to do with changes to our council tax benefit but I don't really understand it.

"The bill is for the year 1994/5 - it says we paid 28.79 but now they've made an amendment and we should have actually paid 28.81.

"Thirteen years have passed and now we get a bill for two pence. It's just daft.

"I could understand if they had corrected it and we owed them a lot of money, but it's only 2p.

"It cost them more to send it than we actually owed them."

But Mrs Everson said she had been worried she would be chased for the money, so she took the bill to the council office to pay it.

She added: "When I got to the counter and showed the woman she said it was ridiculous and handed the bill back to me.

"But I said 'no, I want to pay it, and I want a receipt'.

"I don't want to be owing anyone any money.

"It's just ridiculous that I was being asked for 2p."

A spokesman for Wellingborough Council said: "This was a computer generated bill.

"Normally bills are manually checked but this one slipped through the net.

"The council apologises to Mr and Mrs Everson for any inconvenience and will obviously not be taking any further action."