County soldiers 'provide enduring legacy' in Iraq

The work of Northamptonshire's soldiers, who have been in Basra to mentor, train and advise the Iraqi army, will provide an "enduring legacy" in the war-torn country.

Soldiers from 2 Royal Anglian and 9th/12th Lancers have been living and working alongside the Iraqi Security Forces in the province since May, providing training courses and protection to the country's army.

And thanks to the work of soldiers from the two battalions and the Iraqi army, the security situation has improved to such an extent that the recent Eid festival was the most peaceful for five years.

Commanding officer of 2 Royal Anglian Lt Col Simon Browne said: "The private soldiers have just got on with the task. They see this is how we get out of Iraq, with an enduring legacy.

"If this is the legacy we leave, we can be proud of it."