Council leader apologises for long delays in drinks tent at Simple Minds concert in Northampton

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-140718-222511009
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The leader of Northampton Borough Council has apologised for the delays in providing drinks at the Simple Minds concert in Delapre on Friday night.

People who attended the first of three music gigs at Delapre Abbey this weekend faced long queues to buy a drink, with some waiting over an hour to be served.

Queue for the bar at the Simple Minds Alive at Delapre concert 1rg_13GhVpZBMfWgosJi

Queue for the bar at the Simple Minds Alive at Delapre concert 1rg_13GhVpZBMfWgosJi

Councillor David Mackintosh said: “There was a fault with one of the three pumps at the bar which led to delays.

“We apologise for the long queues but this was something that went wrong on the night rather than bad planning.

“We have added extra pumps at the bar for tonight’s concert.”

A number of people commenting on the Chronicle & Echo’s Facebook page have also questioned why they are not allowed to bring their own drinks into Delapre Abbey.

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-140718-222543009

Amanda Mantle said: “Fantastic concert but was a shame we missed the first half spending over an hour in a queue. I have also never been anywhere that you have to spend an hour in one for beer or wine then a separate hour long queue for Pimms.

“If you are going to spoil everyone’s night by stopping anyone bringing food or drink I the least you can do is serve it efficiently.

Very poor planning.”

Di Livingstone said: “Simple Minds were amazing - organisation not so. Spending an hour queuing for an overpriced drink is not much fun.”

Councillor Mackintosh said people were not allowed to take their own drinks into Delapre Abbey due to the agreement the council had with the promoters of the event.

He said: “It is standard that when you agree to hold a concert at a venue you agree terms with the bar operators and this was one of the rules that was part of the agreement.”