CHH back in wrong kind of headlines again...

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Has the rehabiltation of Daventry MP Chris Heaton Harris suffered a setback? CHH’s regular jokey contribitions to Twitter dropped off after he was embroiled in claims he supported a rival candidate while running the Tories’ (unsuccessful) campaign to retain Corby.

This week he had to deny claims in the Sunday Times he was involved in a “plot” to have Adam Afriyie - the “British Obama” - elected as the next Tory leader.

As one very senior Tory asked us: “What an earth is Chris playing at?” CHH had to issued this Sunday lunchtime rapid rebuttal: “I want and expect David Cameron, who I admire hugely and support as Party Leader completely, to lead the Conservative Party into the next General Election and I also fully expect us to win that election....I have not, am not and will not support any attempt to remove him as Leader as I completely believe he is the right man to lead our country through the difficult times we find ourselves in”. Expect the joke count to drop off again...

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