Cat survives 1,000 mile trip - giving birth on the way

A stowaway Northampton cat has been nominated for a "feline oscar" after surviving a 1,000 mile journey from Hungary to the UK during which she gave birth to two kittens.

Mia, a two-year-old tabby-tortoiseshell, was heavily pregnant when she jumped into the back of a lorry at the Suzuki factory in Ezstergom, looking for a safe place to give birth.

The lorry then made its way to Suzuki's Milton Keynes site in the UK and was not opened for seven days.

Despite a lack of food or water, Mia managed to survive the trip and produced two kittens. It is believed she licked the condensation on the side of the lorry to stay alive.

After the lorry arrived in Milton Keynes, warehouse staff spotted Mia jumping out of the back and the two kittens were found among the pallets.

Mia was eventually caught by Francesca Robinson, who works in parts procurement at Suzuki, and she was instantly touched by her bravery.

Francesca, who lives in East Hunsbury, said: "The minute we saw each other there was a true connection. I knew I would do whatever it took to bring her and the kittens home.

"She was so strong and brave, and such a good mother that even after her ordeal she still came back looking for her kittens."

Mia has been nominated for the 'Most Incredible Story' category at the forthcoming Rescue Cat Awards 2008 ceremony.