Car in Kingsthorpe leaking petrol after tank was drilled to get fuel out ahead of vehicle being scrapped

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Emergency services in Northampton were called to Kingsthorpe last night after reports of a vehicle leaking petrol.

Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to Kingsthorpe just after 8pm last night (Tuesday).

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Pc Dave Lee, from the Roads Policing Unit at Northamptonshire Police said via Twitter: “With the vehicle and @northantsfire who are making an assessment to make it safe.

“Arrived on scene. Spoken to owner. Vehicle is being scrapped tomorrow. His mate came round earlier. Drilled the tank to get the petrol out.”

The car - a Ford Mondeo - had to be jacked up so the holes in the tank could be plugged by the firefighters.

PC Lee said: “Words fail me for this owner.

“Speaking to the fire commander here. This is classed as a special service therefore chargeable. Bill going to the car owner.”