London Midland advising passengers to finish journeys early

Rail news

Rail news

London Midland is advising its passengers to finish their journeys by mid-afternoon today, due to the severe storms which are forecast for the midlands and south of England.

Network Rail has confirmed that 50 mph speed restrictions will be in place on all lines south of Birmingham from 7pm, meaning fewer trains will be running on the west coast mainline, and between Birmingham and the capital.

London Midland commercial director, Richard Brooks, said: “We will be putting extra staff out to help passengers but the message is very simple.

“The weather we are expecting on Monday afternoon is going to make travel very difficult and I suggest you don’t travel during that period if you don’t need to.

“If you must travel, aim to start and finish your journey as early as you can.”

London Midland has lifted ticket restrictions to make it easier for passengers to travel on any of the company’s trains today.




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