Behind The Bus Stop is venue for new Northampton bar

Behind The Bus Stop owners Paul Tyrrell and Matthew Taylor (L-R) outside the new bar
Behind The Bus Stop owners Paul Tyrrell and Matthew Taylor (L-R) outside the new bar
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Northampton has a long history of unusual pub names, from The Road to Morocco to The Swinging Sporran, and now a newly-opened bar is continuing that tradition.

Behind The Bus Stop is located, unsurprisingly, just behind the bus stop in Wellingborough Road and aims to focus on celebrating all that’s Great about Britain.

Joint owner Matthew Taylor, aged 35, said: “We spent ages racking our brains trying to come up with a name. We wanted something a bit different and eventually it was our waiter who came up with Behind The Bus Stop.

“Being situated behind a bus stop is the one thing that makes life difficult for us so we decided to play on that and celebrate it. We think it’s a great name and hopefully puts a smile on peoples’ faces as well as letting everyone know exactly where we are.”

After the introduction of the 1830 Beerhouse Act, when people were encouraged to start drinking more beer and restore it as the national beverage, a lot of new pubs sprang up, many with unusual names including, in Northampton, The Flower in Hand, The Case Is Altered and The Sewing Machine.

Mr Taylor runs Behind The Bus Stop with business partner Paul Tyrrell, who has experience managing a number of Northampton pubs and running the conferencing facilities at Sixfields.

To find out more about the bar’s eat and drink offerings and its plans for comedy nights and live music, contact them on Twitter @behindbussto or visit