Arctic fun for free at Weston Favell Shopping Centre in Northampton

Weston Favell Fun Club
Weston Favell Fun Club
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Youngsters can find out about animals in the Arctic at a special fun day at Weston Favell Shopping Centre this weekend.

Did you know that Polar bears can smell a seal from over a mile away? Or that Arctic hares are white in winter when there is snow around, but their fur changes to grey so they can hide in the rocks? These are the sort of facts youngsters can find out about on Saturday and Sunday, December 12 and 13, when Weston Favell shopping centre’s Favell Fun Club returns.

Weston Favell Fun Club

Weston Favell Fun Club

The Favell Fun Club is a free kids club aimed at bringing education and entertainment to youngsters between the ages of three and nine with events that are designed to directly link back to the National Curriculum, ensuring that activity sheets, games, crafts and tasks are truly educational as well as full of fun!

For this Christmas special Fun Club, join Bertie Frost in the shopping centre at any time, between 11am – 4pm. Bertie is a highly eminent Arctic expert. Bertie is particularly passionate about Arctic animals and is always sharing facts about these amazing and hardy creatures. Kids will be able to don snow boots and travel along the arctic tundra for stories, games, excitement and songs in this two day event, learning about all the animals that live closest to Santa, from Arctic hares to Polar bears.

Saturday and Sunday will also be a chance for little ones to meet the new Favell Fun Club mascots. Over the last few weeks, Weston Favell shopping centre have been asking the public to come up with names for the pair, lots and lots of name suggestions have been received, from Arnie to Annie and Sammy to Susie, the centre will be announcing the new names this weekend.

Weston Favell Shopping Centre’s manager, Kevin Legg, is looking forward to the return of the Favell Fun Club. He said; “We pride ourselves on being a community centre and part of that is offering great quality, free kids events. We are delighted with how our Favell Fun Club has taken off and can’t wait for this next event. Fun Club events are a great way for kids to meet new friends and get to know our lively and engaging explorers while the activities promise to be educational as well as a lot of fun.”

Visitors can sign up to be a Favell Fun Club Explorer and receive their own passport and official Explorer File on the day or on by visiting the centre’s website to save time. For more details and a full list of Favell Fun Club events visit;